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We live in an exciting time in plastic surgery because state-of-the-art procedures can defy the ravages of time and improve on what nature didn’t give you. However, as patient demand for these services has greatly increased, many procedures are performed by physicians who do not have the proper training or expertise needed to produce optimal results.

For example, many “cosmetic surgeons” never went through a plastic surgery residency training program (typically at least an additional 2 years of study after a general surgery residency). Rather, they obtained a lesser “board certification” by just attending a 2-5 day seminar on whatever procedure they wanted to perform. That is why you should choose Dr. Victor Ferrari for his extensive training (eight years of residency after medical school), credentials, experience, skill, and knowledge.

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Compassion and Understanding

Dr. Ferrari treats his patients with compassion and understanding and is more than happy to give each patient time and consideration, especially in dealing with their particular problems, issues and concerns. People have different needs and Dr. Ferrari maintains a confidence and assuredness to be the most accommodating and comfortable with everyone. Unhurried and willing to tackle any and all types of questions, consultation with Dr. Ferrari is a rewarding and learning experience.

Meet Dr. Ferrari

Since 1987, Dr. Ferrari has dedicated his efforts to provide the best and safest medical care as well as natural-looking results. Less than five percent of all surgeons can match his credentials and even fewer can consistently produce the quality results which have made him stand out in the plastic surgery community.

After graduating with honors from Davidson College and the UNC School of Medicine (Chapel Hill), Dr. Ferrari completed a 5 year residency in General Surgery and 3 additional years in Plastic Surgery. During his training, he earned the prestigious title of “Chief Resident” and national board certification in both specialties as well as teaching and research awards. After a 6 month Craniofacial Surgery Fellowship in Miami, he stayed in Florida for about five years in private practice. During that time, he received other accolades such as three of the coveted “Physician Recognition Awards” given by the American Medical Association.

In short, Dr. Ferrari is a personal, friendly physician whose extensive training and expertise will help you achieve your desired appearance.